Since you need to download and set up an account with “ZOOM” in order to watch the show, you might want to do that ahead of time
for easy access to the show. Hit the “sign up, it’s free” button at the top right hand corner on this page:

Like all internet programmes, you can sign out again afterwards and delete the app if you don’t want to keep it.

Because it is a private event (for everybody’s security) you will need to book a ticket first (it costs €5) on the website of the theatre:

The theatre will send you first a confirmation to say you have your seat and then a couple of hours before the event, a link to the event
itself (it’s called a “meeting” on ZOOM) and a passcode to “get in”.

What some people do is sign into their ZOOM app, click “join a meeting” and input the event number and passcode.
But you can also just click the link you get from the Wexford Arts Centre in your email and it brings you directly there.

Here is a page of instructions and a video from the ZOOM company on how it works:

Cáca Milis Cabaret Samhain 2020